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ADZ Controls LTD

Electrical Contract Labour Solutions

We supply a wide range of skills and knowledge in all aspects of control panel and system wiring to production and supplier engineering. If we are unable to supply the services you require, we can recommend someone from our network of suppliers.

Work We Do

Reverse engineering
Machine wiring
Loom and cable making
Auto electrician
Electrical fitter
Electrical sub assemblies
Production engineering solutions
Process engineering solutions
Contract electrical labour solutions
Design solutions
Cost saving solutions.
Prototype wiring
Prototype engineering
Quotation/labour costings
Sales/new business
Other skills/solutions

For us to succeed, our customers must succeed first.

’25 years in panel wiring and all aspects of the industry. Coming from an electrical/data telecommunications back ground.’

Industries worked in;

  • Medical
  • MOD
  • Automotive
  • Explosion proof systems
  • Rail
  • Scientific
  • Simulation
  • Construction
  • Computer systems
  • Energy
  • audio and lighting